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Do you want a Christmas/Chanukah/Winter/Generic Holiday card from me? Do you not get enough pictures of my cat just on Plurk? Then drop me your address on this (screened) post and I will send you a holiday card and it will probably have a picture of Locus and/or Washington in it.

Just leave your Preferred Name (and the name you want on the envelope, if different) and pronouns, Full Address (I will do international friends as well because I love everyone in this bar), and any preferences on card type (my default is silly cards and Secular Christmas aka Pop Culture Christmas vs religious, if you have any preference any other way or anything like "no glitter pls" or "if you include a cat picture I'm going to smack you" I can oblige)! Also if you want my address as well let me know and I will include it in my "Saw this!" response.
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Foolish Mortals
[personal profile] toogoodforhim - Lefou; Beauty and the Beast (2017)

[personal profile] dejabrew - Bolton White; OC


Ready to Use
[personal profile] notafairytailprince - Prince Elfangor; Animorphs

[personal profile] timelesslypunctual - Cogsworth; Beauty and the Beast (1991)*
[personal profile] chronologicalarchivist - The Overseer/Clogan Golana (troll!Cogsworth); Beauty and the Beast (1991)/Homestuck*

[personal profile] conjuringturn - Milo Stafford/Mistoffelees (human AU); CATS*
[personal profile] silverystoic - Munkustrap (human AU); CATS

[personal profile] idiotbearson - Henri Armael (Monobear); Dangan Roleplay*

[personal profile] shslasshat - Byakuya Togami; Dangan Ronpa
[personal profile] madehimpromise - Daiya Oowada; Dangan Ronpa
[personal profile] shslbabysitter - Hajime Hinata; Dangan Ronpa (SDR2)

[personal profile] inforapenny - Billy; Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
[personal profile] pennyless - Billy/Dr. Horrible (post-canon); Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
[personal profile] status_is_not_quo - Billy (teenager); Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog*

[personal profile] problemagic - Anders; Dragon Age
[personal profile] partha - Bodin Aeducan (Warden OC); Dragon Age
[personal profile] prevaeling - Sebastian Vael; Dragon Age
[personal profile] authorised - Varric Tethras; Dragon Age

[personal profile] raijinbro - High Prince Ryoma; Fire Emblem: Fates

[personal profile] ochlophobic - Ethan Mars; Heavy Rain
[personal profile] percapitaasskickings - Norman Jayden; Heavy Rain
[personal profile] neededlassie - Shaun Mars; Heavy Rain*
[personal profile] justlikehim - older!Shaun Mars; Heavy Rain

[personal profile] allpartofplan - Jumba Jookiba (canon); Lilo and Stitch (2002)*
[personal profile] getthat_out_ofyourmouth - Jumba Jookiba (human AU); Lilo and Stitch (2002)*

[personal profile] rebooty - Genji Shimada; Overwatch
[personal profile] mcshooty - Jesse McCree; Overwatch
[personal profile] crusadad - Reinhardt Wilhelm; Overwatch

[personal profile] misterintegrity - Agent North Dakota; Red vs. Blue
[personal profile] faithshield - Norton "North" Brandt; Red vs Blue/Dragon Age
[personal profile] usedlightscreen - Agent North Dakota (Pokemon AU); Red vs. Blue
[personal profile] shakesplode - Donald Doyle; Red vs. Blue
[personal profile] alienf_cker - Lavernius Tucker; Red vs. Blue
[personal profile] georgiareds - Sarge/"Agent Georgia" (Freelancer AU); Red vs. Blue

[personal profile] pinkisthenewscarlet - Sha Gojyo; Saiyuki

[personal profile] thatsawiggle - Jin the wind master; Yu Yu Hakusho
[personal profile] icyhowitis - Touya the ice master; Yu Yu Hakusho

Needs Icons
[personal profile] originalconjuringcat - Magical Mr. Mistoffelees; CATS

[personal profile] mustachewho - Agent Wyoming; Red vs. Blue
[personal profile] broreos - Dexter Grif; Red vs. Blue

[personal profile] illtemperedpriest - Genjo Sanzo; Saiyuki

[personal profile] rainbowcyclown - The Beautiful Suzuka; Yu Yu Hakusho

Needs Canon Review
[personal profile] wontlikemewhenimangry - Asura; Asura's Wrath*

[personal profile] yourejustaweso - Gilbert Beilschmidt/Prussia; Axis Powers Hetalia

[personal profile] livinglarge - Byakuya Togami; Dangan Ronpa (SDR2)
[personal profile] nidied - Nekomaru Nidai; Dangan Ronpa (SDR2)
[personal profile] pekoknife - Peko Pekoyama; Dangan Ronpa (SDR2)
[personal profile] strengthtoblossom - Sakura Oogami; Dangan Ronpa

[personal profile] goodknightsweetprince - Dave Strider (post-Scratch); Homestuck
[personal profile] clockspinner - Dave Strider; Homestuck
[personal profile] prototypical_dave - Davesprite; Homestuck
[personal profile] robotpegasusattack - Dirk Strider; Homestuck
[personal profile] blessedwithsorrow - The Dolorosa; Homestuck
[personal profile] cuddlefishpeixes - Feferi Peixes (Humanstuck); Homestuck
[personal profile] fishprincess - Feferi Peixes; Homestuck
[personal profile] egadoldchum - Jake English; Homestuck
[personal profile] c9rp9realn9rmative - Kankri Vantas; Homestuck
[personal profile] insuffera6les9n9rus - Kankri Vantas; Homestuck/Harry Potter
[personal profile] bloodmartyr - The Signless; Homestuck

[personal profile] youdidyoudid - Shilo Wallace; Repo! The Genetic Opera*

[personal profile] zipperhead - Glitch; Tin Man

[personal profile] handydecisions - Lee Everett; The Walking Dead (game)
[personal profile] facedthedevil - Kenny; The Walking Dead (game)

Needs Icons and Canon Review
[personal profile] neversaidstop - Augus; Asura's Wrath*

[personal profile] bigfurryproblem - Remus Lupin; Harry Potter

[personal profile] pan_demonium - Peter Banning; Hook (1991)*

[personal profile] thewhirlwinddouchebag - Xaldin; Kingdom Hearts II

[personal profile] eternalflamebaby - Ruby; Steven Universe

[personal profile] mamebito - Yugiri; The Tale of Genji

[personal profile] mywagon - Anton DeMillo; Tin Man*
[personal profile] herlittledogtoo - Tutor/"Toto"; Tin Man*

* means no smut with this journal


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